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CES 2018: Bosch shows off our RecoMadeEasy® Embedded Speech Recognition, Speaker Recognition, and Face Recognition engines in their intelligent in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) implementation on a GM Cadillac SUV, at the CES 2018

RecoMadeEasy®Android Speech and Speaker Diarization run locally with no need for servers or cloud service -- 300,000 unique words and thousands of speaker models realtime

Multi-Factor with Multi-Modal Biometric Access Control Demo using RecoMadeEasy® engines

RecoMadeEasy®Local CPU-Based Object Detection and Face Recognition -- No Server or GPU Needed -- please watch consequent videos a well

RecoMadeEasy®Realtime CPU-based Object Detection running on a laptop with no server or cloud supprot, applied on a random youtube video

RecoMadeEasy® Embedded Multi-Dialect English Speech Recognition plus Speaker Recognition

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A single comprehensive software engine for enabling Speech, Speaker, Face, Object, Emotion Recognition and much more, using a unified set of APIs designed for Integrators and Software Developers -- works standalone (Android and Linux) and in client/server mode RecoMadeEasy Embedded AudioVisual Recognition Engine by Recognition Technologies, Inc.

For further information please contact us at 1-800-215-0841 inside the U.S. or +1-914-997-5676 from any other country. Alternatively, you may send an Email to Recognition Technologies, Inc.